5 Reasons to share your real budget with your architect

10 / 02 / 2022

Budgeting any investment project is a delicate topic that starts with many unknowns. The job of a good architect is to extract the maximum amount of information about the assignment before starting work. This of course includes the price ranges in which it must fit.

Clients often do not share a budget above which they would not like to raise costs because they fear that architects will be tempted to spend everything. Our experience shows that open discussion and setting transparent financial frameworks for each project lead to the best results. In addition to design and project planning, the work of architects and engineers includes the implementation of efficient and achievable construction work on the site. In order to avoid surprises during the implementation of each project, we have prepared a list of 5 reasons to share your views on the framework and distribution of the budget.

The architect's job is to understand and know in detail the process of project implementation, as well as the presentation of the materials, systems and elements embedded in it. A small adjustment in the materials can lead to a noticeable difference in price, without serious visual and operational compromises. There is a price threshold for each type of material, system or even facility, below which it is not advisable to go down and it becomes completely clear when comparing the qualities and presenting the alternatives on the market. The selection of solutions that require less manual or individual workmanship or fine finishing work would also lead to a significantly lower cost of implementing a project. Saving on the cost of some aspects of the project frees up the budget to invest in other details that are more important to you or general changes.

Communication for each investment project begins with references and examples, be they from the Internet, social networks or magazines. This is great because it gives a clear idea of what effect is being sought, but there is almost never any information on how much it cost to achieve the design shown. If you have provided photos with something extravagant, but you have not specified a budget, the architects can start working on a project whose implementation would be significantly more expensive than you expect. It is important that significantly more expensive elements of the references are discussed when specifying the assignment in order to reduce the number of general adjustments to the project ahead. Of course, making adjustments is a standard part of the job, but any major change will take extra time, pushing the deadline for completion of the investment project forward in time.

One of the advantages of working with architects is their experience, not only in design and design, but also in the market as a whole. Architectural studio DV Design has established relationships with many manufacturers and contractors, whose services it handles for the implementation of projects in accordance with their complexity and volume. There is a wide variety of materials, manufacturers and price range on the market. Knowing the different systems in detail, architects can decide which is most appropriate for a given project, according to the budget framework. Another, seemingly insignificant change, such as working with a counterparty that maintains stocks in Bulgaria, would save a significant amount of transportation costs.

In the process of implementation of the investment project it is possible that unforeseen problems may arise, of various nature - infrastructure, urban planning, etc. Almost all construction activities encounter small or large obstacles, requiring additional resources to overcome them. Even if you work with a clearly defined budget with your architects, the contractors of the site can always surprise you with something. Therefore, we recommend that you either reduce your budget by about 10% or have an additional 10% as a contingency buffer. If everything goes according to plan, you can always add an architectural or installation proposal that was dropped at an earlier stage, but the decision will be entirely yours.

Once you trust the architects of your project, you should be able to trust them with the budget for its implementation. The architect's mission is always to balance between the realization of your vision and its effective implementation in accordance with the budget. If a proposal requires a larger investment, your architects will catch up, optimizing the cost of something else. Good architects create and make decisions on your behalf, so be honest with them. Give them a clear budget that you are determined to invest and that will be sufficient to implement the project.

We hope we have been comprehensive enough in our explanations. The construction of the investment project is a responsible job, the result of which remains entirely with the client. The more regulated the set goal and price frameworks are, the better and easier they will be achieved. The process of working on the investment project will go more smoothly and costs will be optimized.