The Post-Covid Home

26 / 11 / 2021

Kaleidoscope – 21st November 2021

COVID-19 has impacted the way we live beyond measure. The way the home is used now encompasses all aspects of our lives so moving into 2021, and with a vaccine in our grips, we predict how our lives will be in the Post-Covid Home.

Overall, there will be a greater emphasis on homes that work for you and compliment your health, a more holistic approach to design. Colors will be used in palettes that ground you, while bringing mindfulness into a home and ensuring sure it is a calm environment to both work and live in. There will be a movement towards non-toxic materials, plants and more so the idea of a hypoallergenic home and bringing the outdoors in. In response to our increased screen time in our traditional ‘switch off location, the home will be compartmentalized into ‘tech free zones’ and connectivity, as well as the introduction of smart tech, will become of greater importance.

We Will See...

  • The home office is now a mainstay - make it comfortable and functional. Whether it’s a nook or you’ve converted the box room ensure there’s a good natural light source, plenty of storage and you can shut the door on your computer at the end of the day
  • A greater focus on designing in a holistic manner, ensuring people’s health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds
  • Color palettes that ground us - soft and calming tones or warm and welcoming color plays
  • Germ-resistant materials such as copper and brass which contain antibacterial properties will be on the rise as well as a greater use of hypoallergenic materials and finishes
  • Auto-cleaning technologies are also in demand and being incorporated in the home: bathroom supplier Gessi has noted an increase in demand for sensor taps in cloakrooms and even self-cleaning loos
  • Embrace your natural instinct to hibernate and embrace the trend for cocoon-style furniture. Think soft curves, padded backs and boucle-style fabrics. And Objects by Christopher Farr Cloth has a great range of soft boucle’s that work perfectly with snug-style armchairs
  • Embrace the outdoors and bring the outside in. Fill the home with plants, introduce floral prints and patterns or simply take inspiration from nature’s color palette
  • Extend your living quarters to the outdoors: a garden loggia is the ultimate luxury and will really come into its own in the summer when you can entertain outside. If space is a premium, why not try your hand at windowsill gardening - even tomatoes can grow in a window box!